A stunning and suspenseful thriller, about humanity’s continuous and sometimes futile battle against nature from one of the most popular and bestselling authors in America.

Conducting a strange and urgent experiment of the Arctic icefield, a team of scientists has planted sixty powerful explosive charges that will detonate at midnight. Before they can withdraw to the safety of the base camp, a shattering tidal wave breaks loose the ice on which they are working. Now they are hopelessly marooned on an iceberg during a violent winter storm. The bombs beneath them are buried irretrievable deep . . . and ticking. And they discover that one of them is an assassin with mission of his won. This is classic Koontz.

With in the first few pages I thought this book was going to suck. As it turned out it was pretty decent. The story line was good as were the characters, its was packed with action and had very few dull moments. was it worth the read ? Yes. was it worth the 6 or 7 bucks ? Sure why not. I would give this a Solid 2.5 out of 5 stars.