Ok I am going to make a post on something other than books.

One of our dogs: The oldest one, a very sweet and smart girl has what I call sticky spit and when she licks you it’s kind of like getting jelly on you’re fork, you can’t see it but it gets on everything you touch. She also sheds more than the law allows.

Just to give you an example: we don’t have dust bunnies under our bed or sofa we have dog hair black holes from which no objects can escape not even the occasional beetle or 18 wheeler coach roach. A few times I have found such creature dead and suspended in a softball size clump of shed hair.

These two facts “the sticky spit and the unlawful shedding” cause her and us much grief. When she grooms herself she gets hair stuck in her throat that will send her on a rampage of eating anything in her path in an attempt to force down the object causing what I figure is a tickling or scratchy feeling in her throat.

Once let outside she would devour the lawn gobbling down grass and bushes.
More times than not this happens in the wee hours of the morning when we are sleeping and will be wakened by her smacking or trying to claw the threads for the throw rugs to eat them.

We have found once that she had eaten a size 9 over the calf tub sock and one time my wife had to pull 4 foot of Elastic Adhesive Bandage out of her rectum, you know the colored stretchy stuff the doctors usually puts on you’re arm way to tight when you have to give blood, have a minor wound or get a flu shot.

Here recently she has taken to eating toilet paper off the roll like it’s some kind of never ending treat dispenser to rid herself of this discomfort.
We have tried to give her bread or cheese or bread and cheese but none of this would help her.
Taking her to the vet they would give her steroid shots to stop what they said was an allergy and this would stop her from licking herself as much. This was really a pain in the ass and getting expensive and not at all good for the dogs health in the long run, I asked the vet about giving her hairball remedy the stuff for cats, “That won’t help at all” the vet replied like some chemical in the hairball remedy only reacted to feline genetics.

After several years of this of the frenzied eating rampage and being woke up at 2:30 or 3:00 am to let her out two or three times during the night so she could chomp on all the flowers and shrubs in the yard I got to looking into my own diagnosed treatment of the hairball remedy, It’s basically a petroleum jelly product and will lubricate the throat, esophagus and intestinal track to help the animal pass the hairball.
So I ran to our local petsmart picked up a tube and gave it a try. If I give her a half inch of this stuff once a week she seems to not get the irresistible urge to eat the back yard that accompanies the hairball. Sometimes I just wait until I hear her constant sticky smacking and swallowing that precedes the onset of a night of gluttony then give her the half inch dose and within a few minutes she is all good.
Why on earth did my vet not think this would work and I did is beyond me other than the fact that she wanted to be paid for the vet visits and steroid shots.

She still has sticky spit and if she licks you, you will still feel like one of those fly tape things hanging in some peoples garage but as far as the hairballs go, we and more importantly she do not suffer with them as much as in the past.